Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Librarian Through and Through

I am a librarian through and through. I love what I do and I do what I love. I live and breathe my passion. I wonder how many other occupations out there infiltrate nearly all areas of those professionals' lives? Being a librarian is who I am, what I do, and how I identify. This means, that when I give gifts, they are often librarian-themed and I am "giving part of myself." 

I recently made my mother-in-law's banana bread (it is off-the-hook delicious). Now, the librarian in me needed to add a little literary flair... When I first got to my current school and was cleaning out the office, I found boxes upon boxes of old library checkout cards. Instead of letting them sit there and collect another decade of dust or (gasp) recycle them, I use them. A lot.

I simply cut the checkout cards down to size, wrote a quick message, used a heart hole punch and Viola!

Here they are as the tags on some wedding gifts. You'll also notice that I don't often use "real" wrapping paper. The closest I get is brown butcher paper, I love the shabby chic look. Generally, though, I use fabric to wrap the gift and then use scraps of a coordinating fabric to tie it all together.
Everything is just cuter when it's on a library checkout card. Seriously.
Is that not the most adorable wedding gift package?
I also use old card catalog cards...
Wondering what was inside those beautiful packages? The couple were from two different countries so I made a little framed art to pay homage to their homes.
Writing this makes me wonder what other librarians do in their lives that include glimpses of their professional lives? What other professions infiltrate everything you do?


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