Monday, August 4, 2014

Travel-Size Felt Board

My current felt board is huge. Seriously, it's gigantic. It's as tall as I am.
While this is great for some projects, it can be a bit of a pain and it's really hard to store. I decided I needed to make a portable felt board that was also magnetic. But, you know me, Miss Frugality, I needed to do it for as cheaply as possible.

I found a magnetic dry erase board on clearance for $3.97 at Joann Fabrics (they have everything there). Check it out, you can still find it at Amazon, but for MUCH more expensive! I'd suggest finding a cheap-o alternative.
Next, I took some light flannel, wrapped it tightly around the board and duct-taped it in place. Done!
14" x 14," incredibly lightweight, and magnetic!


Megan said...

This is awesome, I feel like I could use this a few different ways in both the classroom and with my kids at home. I repinned this on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

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