Thursday, February 6, 2014

Preschool Storytime: Cars, Trucks and Things That Go Vroom

Starting a new job is always scary. Heck, for me, being anywhere new is scary. So, when this email popped up in my inbox this week, I felt like I've found where I'm meant to be.

I just wanted to drop a line as a parent [and a teacher] to rave about Becky! It was so exciting to go to the library the other day with [my son] only to discover that the floor was transformed into a street with tons of cars and more to play with. [He] was in heaven! So thankful for our creative and hardworking librarian Becky. She is a gem.

Now, I share this not to toot my own horn, but because it's these little gestures that let me take a deep breath and go, okay, maybe I'm actually doing a good job at this. For today at least. This is my sixth year as a school librarian and I still wonder when I'm going to feel like I "know" what I'm doing. With that being said, my "Cars, Trucks and Things That Go Vroom" storytime had the type of energy that assured me I was on the right path.
Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
(A big thanks to storytime katie for the inspiration on the decor)

It was a reading-heavy storytime week, followed by some serious play!

Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
Book: Sheep in a Jeep
by: Nancy Shaw
This was a favorite in my house growing up and it's still a timeless classic! The kids love the rhyming and how careless the sheep are with their jeep.
Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
Book: Mr. Grumpy's Motor Car
by: John Burningham
I think there is something so charming about the illustrations of John Burningham's books. The story is cute but the ending left the kids saying, "So what happened?" And my only response could be, "Nothing, they all went home." Followed by crickets... I love this book, but I don't think it lends itself well to a class read-aloud.
Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
Book: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
by: Richard Scarry
As much as I love Richard Scarry (and I seriously love him!), some of his books aren't very conducive to a preschool storytime. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go is a huge hit with the kids, but I simply read the first few pages, we found Goldbug (the adorable little insect hiding on many of the pages) and then I encouraged them to check it out and explore the pages at home.

After singing the Wheels on the Bus, it was time to play!

The track was made using masking tape (it has withstood some intense racing) and the stop signs and stoplights are laminated construction paper. Add in a bag of old Matchbox cars and you have endless fun!
Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
Cars & Trucks & Things That Go Vroom,
Before leaving, I gave each kiddo a paper steering wheel (thanks to Sunflower Storytime for this wonderfully simple and fun take-away craft). I later saw that some of the classes decorated their wheels and were "driving" through the school.


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