Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Character Magnets

So... If you use Pinterest, you more than likely have a bunch of projects that you'd eventually like to do, right? Right. I don't think I could compute the amount of money or number of lifetimes I would need in order to complete all the projects I have discovered. And that's if I stopped pinning today. Yeah right, like that is about to happen.

Well, this weekend was "bring your pins to life" weekend in the Todd house and I finally completed a project that I've had my eye on for months... The glass children's book magnets. I'm sure you've seen them, there are countless examples on Pinterest and Etsy, with just about any topic imaginable. One of my favorite examples comes from One Artsy Mama:

The concept is really quite simple... Find images you are interested in and that are approximately an inch in diameter or less, Mod Podge the back of a clear glass mosaic stone, add a magnet and you are all set!

Amy at One Artsy Mama gives great directions, complete with images, the only tweak I made was by adding an extra layer of Mod Podge to really lock the image in. Also, I have been collecting classic used children's books from thrift stores and using them for a variety of projects, this one included (my husband about fell over when he saw the librarian taking a scissors to Dr. Seuss. I assured him that I would only be using incredibly well-loved books that were nearing the end of their read-ability and this was giving them a second life).
My final result! I am pretty darn happy with them! This batch included Where the Wild Things Are, Corduroy, Green Eggs and Ham, Curious George Goes to a Movie, and The Story of Ferdinand. I can't wait to try more! I was also thinking it would be fun to make a checkers set out of two books...


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