Friday, August 16, 2013

Podcast Practice

I've spent the last few weeks learning about fantastic digital tools to be used in the classroom through Tamritz Badge Learning and was recently introduced to the art of podcasting. Though I can't claim to be an artist, I do see a lot of library podcasting potential in our future! I think our kiddos would have a blast promoting the favorite books using PodOmatic, a easy-to-use podcast creation program. Check out my very first attempt at podcasting, using Gorgonzola: A Very STINKYsaurus by Margie Palatini:

P.S. - Just as a heads up, if you're recoding in the closet as an attempt to record without the interruption of spouses, children, pets or ... washing machines, your podcast will have a loud echo. And even after all that, they will still find you! :-)


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