Learning is fun! Librarians aren't little ladies that shush people that walk through the door any more. We are educators who are running from classroom to classroom, helping solve technology issues, pulling resources out of thin air, drying tears of playground frustration, and answering questions from every area of the curriculum. My job is to help every student and teacher in the school be successful. This means, I need to know enough about each topic and grade level, that I can assist others in making their learning and lessons successful.
  • 9 years as a school librarian and technology integration specialist
  • 30+ years as a curious learner who loves making learning fun
  • Fun, hands-on lessons that make learning real and meaningful
  • One-on-one lessons specially designed for each learner
  • Sessions take place in your home or neighborhood, this familiarity helps our young learners feel comfortable and confident for growing
  • Opportunities for supporting learners who need extra help, as well as students who need an extra challenge to keep them engaged
  • Tutoring sessions provided for elementary and middle school students in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, as well as organizational coaching and test preparation.
  • $50 per one hour session
  • Available weekday evenings and Sundays
  • "Dear [Principal], I know that you know this but I have to tell you that you have an absolute gem in Becky. She has consistently gone above and beyond to impart a passion for books and reading in both [our children]. She has an incredible way of connecting with them and making them feel like the most special kids in the world. When I ask [my son] what he misses from [his elementary school], he says, 'Becky!' When he came to visit, I watched amazed as he let Becky give him a huge hug . That's serious business for a 10 year old boy to allow teacher hugs!" -Parent
  • "I just wanted to drop a line as a parent to rave about Becky! It was so exciting to go to the library the other day with [my child] only to discover that the floor was transformed into a street with tons of cars and more to play with. [He] was in heaven! So thankful for our creative and hardworking librarian Becky. She is a gem" -Preschool Parent
  • "I'm sure you know we've had some trouble getting [a student] to read. After spending time with you, he was so excited about his book that when I led students down to the Lego class, he had the book in his hand and with a smile on face told me all about it. He wouldn’t stop even when we were in the lunchroom! Hooray!" -Fourth Grade Teacher
  • "I was looking up ideas for Westward Expansion lessons and display ideas online. I saw a beautiful unit plan and bulletin board and I was going to steal it... Then I saw it was you who made it!!! Not surprised at all. YOU are amazing." -Teaching Assistant

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