Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monster Book Bags

My summer break is not at all a break... It's a flurry of crafting and sewing and making deliciously healthy meals. It's the best kind of "break" I could possibly imagine. This project started as a birthday gift for one of my favorite three-year old monsters. He is a big fan of monsters and a big fan of reading (yaaaay!), so I wanted to combine the two into a fun birthday gift.

I purchased this adorable downloadable Library Tote Bag pattern from Shiny Happy World on Etsy.
The best part about the pattern? The darling little library card pocket inside of the bag.
I ended up wanting to make bags for a family of little kiddos and so I started "mass producing." The first bag I made (the lime green one), I followed the pattern exactly, but because I was making so many, I wanted the pattern-cutting process to go faster, so I changed the dimensions just a bit. So as not to give Shiny Happy World's pattern for free, I'll let you buy it on Etsy and then make your own adjustments.
 Getting everything laid out
 Assembling the inside pocket
 Assembling the outside pocket
 Putting it all together
 Adding some google-y eyes
 Assembling the handles
 Finishing it all up
 Before flipping it inside out
  And viola!
Aren't they adorable?
Now, on to the next project...


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