Thursday, January 23, 2014

Preschool Storytime: Bugs!

If I'm ever lost for things to talk to my preschoolers about, I just think of things dirty or creepy and crawly. They love it! I've been (miraculously) planning my storytimes pretty far in advance and I was excited to gauge the response of this week's Bug! theme. Their joy did not disappoint!

I changed two things up this week and I was so pleased with the response, I think I'll keep both of them as part of my regular routine. First, I set up an array of bug-themed books around the reading room. I know this is standard practice in public library storytimes, but it was a first for me. Not only did I love the look and how it tied the entire room together, but it really helped to increase circulation for books related to the topic. Yippee!

In addition, I have also decided to mindfully start incorporating Hebrew words into our storytime. To be honest, being a Hebrew-immersion school, I am quite surprised I hadn't started doing this earlier... But, being new to the language, the school and the culture, I'm giving myself a (little) patience. With the support of my amazing Hebrew-speaking library assistant and the classroom teachers, I'm looking forward to finding Hebrew words that fit with my weekly theme.

Book: The Grouchy Ladybug
by Eric Carle
This classic is always a hit! Even the kids that have heard it before were listening in awe as the animals grew bigger and bigger. All of my classes got a kick out of helping me with the repetition, it was a great (and loud) introduction to some fun activities.
Activity: Bug in a Rug
Credit for this wild hit goes to Mel's Desk and Falling Flannelboards. Ladies, you are both brilliant, this was one of the most popular things I've ever done! They would have played all morning if I would have let them. And they asked to continue playing after we'd finished. I purchased an a-dor-a-ble insect clipart set from Devon over at Pink Pueblo on etsy, printed them, laminated them and added some Velcro. It was almost too easy for how successful it was (and will continue to be). We talked about each insect on the board and then, while they closed their eyes, I hid one insect behind the rug. They were so excited to figure out who was missing and thrilled to be able to come check to see if their guess was correct.
I had hoped to read Jan Thomas' Can You Make a Scary Face? but we ran out of time. Bummer. It's adorable and so interactive.
Activity: Shoo-Fly Puppets
I was, once again, inspired by both Mel's Desk and Falling Flannel for this fun song that quickly gets rid of any wiggle-worming. We had an in-service on Monday, so throughout the day I assembled flies. I got several admirers stopping by my table and checking out these little cuties, every teacher walked away chuckling. Each of my kiddos picked out a shoo fly (after we talked about treating them very gently) and they helped me sing the following song:
Shoo-fly, don't bother me
Shoo-fly, don't bother me
Shoo-fly don't bother me
I belong to somebody
Oh, no! Shoo-fly landed on my _____________
(Chin, shin, elbow, ear, nose, neck, ect)
(Don't you just love the mug and my shoo-fly bouquet? I got the mug from Jessie over at CakeSpy).

Already looking forward to my Cake-themed storytime next week... I'm getting hungry already!


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