Monday, December 16, 2013

I Got MelonHeadz-ed!

Yaaay! It finally happened, that's right, I got MelonHeadz-ed! My ultimate "I finally made it" moment is seeing myself as a cartoon. Well, feast your eyes on this!

I am tickled pink by the talented Nikki and the rest of the crew over at Honey Bunch Blog Design! If you're not familiar with MelonHeadz, it's an absolute must! Her stuff is adorable and designed especially for the classroom. Aside from what can be found on Etsy, you can also order a custom "Build-a-Teacher" (as you can see, mine comes complete with Toms, wedding ring, iPad, books and Starbucks iced chai latte). And to my delightful surprise, it was far more reasonably priced than I expected.

Sigh... Adorable.


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